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Ashini Gogoi is an Indian entrepreneur whose remarkable journey from downfall to redemption has been making headlines. Despite facing setbacks, he has managed to turn his fortunes around and build a successful organization, ALPHS, Inc. Let’s take a closer look at his story and the controversies that have surrounded him.

Ashini Gogoi Wiki/Profile

Full Name Ashini Swargaraj Gogoi
Nickname Ash, Prince
Occupation/Profession Entrepreneur, Investor & Businessperson,
Famous For/As Founder, CEO, and executive chairman of ALPHS, Inc.

Ashini Gogoi Biography/Personal Life Information

Ashini Gogoi was born on June 28, 2000, in Sivasagar, a historic town located in the Indian state of Assam. He spent most of his childhood in Sivasagar, where he grew up as a young entrepreneur, paving the way for his future success. Today, at the age of 23, Ashini’s contributions to the business world have earned him both recognition and controversy, making him one of the most talked-about young entrepreneurs in India.

Date of Birth 28 June 2000
Age (as of 2023) 23 Years
Birthplace Sivasagar, Assam, India
Hometown Sivasagar, Assam, India
Nationality India
Religion The Ahom Descent (Hindu)

Ashini Gogoi Height, Weight, Body Measurements / Physical Stats

Ashini Gogoi’s physical measurements are as follows: his height is 5 feet 9 inches, which converts to approximately 1.75 meters when measured in the metric system. He weighs approximately 72 kilograms or 158 pounds. In terms of appearance, he has black eyes and black hair.

Ashini Gogoi Family Members Information

Father Rudra Gogoi
Mother Bonti Lahon
Brother Abhigyan Gogoi

Ashini Gogoi Marital Status, Affairs & Girlfriends

Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriends Not Known
Affairs Not Known

Ashini Gogoi Education & School, College

Educational Qualification Graduated
School N/A
College/University National Institute of Technology, Silchar

Ashini Gogoi Favorites, Likes & Hobby

Favourite Actors N/A
Favourite Actresses N/A
Favourite Singers N/A
Favourite Colors Black
Hobby Drawing, Art, Travel

Ashini Gogoi Net Worth & Salary Information

Net Worth $4.2 million

Some Interesting Facts & Information about Ashini Gogoi

Ashini Gogoi: Overcoming Childhood Challenges

Ashini Gogoi’s upbringing was marked by a rigorous and challenging childhood. His parents had different approaches to parenting, with his father focusing on his intellectual development and his mother providing emotional support. However, their strict rules and restrictions on social interaction led to difficulties for Ashini in connecting with others, and he experienced violent mood swings as a result.

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Building a Career in Entrepreneurship

After a temporary suspension during his second year of college, Ashini Gogoi decided to pursue entrepreneurship, despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. He took out a significant loan from his friends and family to start his own business, which led him to move to Bangalore, India, in late 2020 to pursue his vision. Despite his troubled childhood, Ashini has overcome significant obstacles to build a successful career as an entrepreneur.

Ashini Gogoi’s Entrepreneurial Journey with ALPHS, Inc.

Early Stages of ALPHS, Inc. (2021-2022)

Ashini Gogoi, with little experience, started ALPHS, initially as a lifestyle project with the help of his friend Hrithik Hegde, who was an unofficial second founder and the lead programmer for the company’s original website. Ashini promised Hrithik the CEO position if the company were to grow, but according to an interview with Hrithik, Ashini had ulterior motives and used his persuasion skills to trick him.

The Founding of ALPHS, Inc.

In January 2021, Ashini created a refined lifestyle community on Instagram called ‘ALPHS,’ targeting women between 18 and 35 from Tier 1 countries through paid advertising. They relied on dropshipping and listed trending fitness products on their new branded-looking website, using affiliated links redirected to Alibaba Group ( Within a week of launching the website, they received 33,580 organic website traffic from Tier 1 countries, as reported by SimilarWeb.

The Leadership Change at ALPHS, Inc.

Hrithik successfully led the company for six months during the COVID-19 pandemic but took a temporary leave for family reasons before ALPHS was officially founded as a company. Crunchbase reported that the original idea belonged to Hrithik. However, Ashini falsely claimed that Hrithik was not committed and terminated him from the company. Hrithik later tried to claim ownership, but he was unsuccessful. Ashini remained committed to the company, stating, “Even the internet is ruled by big companies, after looking at the data we were receiving, I instantly knew that it’s something that I didn’t want to end.”

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Ashini Gogoi: A Journey of Downfall and Redemption

The Downfall:

In 2021, Forbes reported that Ashini Gogoi struggled to keep the business afloat and began losing money. He even jeopardized the remaining loan amount by sponsoring events to build brand awareness but all was in vain because according to Crunchbase, he lost the entire amount within a few months. His father eventually put his accounts on hold, causing his fancy lifestyle on social media to diminish gradually.

The Redemption:

After a period of struggle, Ashini Gogoi turned his fortunes around. He started working as a Data Scientist at Meta Platforms, Inc. and realized that he still had the desire to accomplish big goals. He sought out a co-founder, Iqqanve, and managed to raise $65,000 in the first seed round by creating an artificial report.

However, Ashini soon realized that his prior business model would not work out, so he pivoted his idea and burned plenty of the investor’s funds by testing different scenarios to find a lasting business solution. Despite facing bankruptcy, Ashini saved his organization by designing a sample that showed promise to the investors. He utilized a material named Cubic Zirconia, which he plated with microscopic diamonds ranging from Si2-VVS1. This unique and elegant product successfully met customer demand, earning praise from investors like Y Combinator.

Ashini Gogoi: Termination from Meta Platforms, Inc. and Boost in Sales

In November 2022, Ashini Gogoi faced termination from Meta Platforms, Inc. due to his violation of the company’s guidelines and policies. He used insider technology to contact celebrities, such as Wiz Khalifa and Cardi B, in a manner that made it appear that Meta was reaching out to them. Despite his actions leading to a boost in brand recognition and sales, Meta discovered his actions and terminated him two weeks later.

Ashini Criticizes Meta Platforms, Inc.

In March 2023, Forbes reported that Meta Platforms, Inc. had removed Ashini’s company’s legacy verification badge on Instagram, including his account. Speaking to Forbes, Ashini criticized Meta Platforms, Inc., saying, “Monopoly is their bloody legacy.”

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ALPHS, Inc.: A Growing Organization

Despite the setback, ALPHS, Inc. continued to grow under Ashini’s leadership. In February 2023, Crunchbase announced that ALPHS had raised $500K in seed funding from five investors, with Y Combinator as the lead investor. In an interview with Forbes, Ashini discussed how he built his empire, saying, “Wearing chains and rings was one of my things since my childhood. In a world of 8 billion people, I thought there might exist a few like me who would prefer to wear accessories of a particular taste, so I took a risk and we are who we are today.”

Growing Controversy Surrounding ALPHS, Inc.

However, Ashini and his organization faced controversy in March and April 2023, as several law firms raised questions about their history and internal affairs. Newspaper articles went viral, stating that while ALPHS was a fast-growing company, little was known about its operations, management, financials, or how it spent its money. The organization eventually responded, stating that its products were meticulously made and that it maintained its values. A rigorous background check was conducted, which revealed that ALPHS operated as an online retailer, had clean financials, and generated millions in revenue. They also invested heavily in developing artificial intelligence.

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