Richard Maize: Everything you should know about the successful multi billionaire

Real estate is one of the few business strongholds that never seem to reach their saturation point, neither does it disappoint the investors. Taking advantage of the same are many people, and among them is Richard Maize.

Richard Maize (also known as Richie Maize) is an immensely successful entrepreneur, a real estate investor and a philanthropist. He has been active in his field for 30 years. His experience has made him an asset with regards to home loan, property and land ownership businesses. His success has been a long and arduous journey that required his dedication and hardwork.

His incredibly versatile business approach as well his immense knowledge about various other businesses that overlap in his field have given him a lot of opportunities for growth.

“Perhaps the most ideal way to grow a business and gather more achievement is by developing your very own knowledge and dedication”

He started out at the young age of 28, when he bought a thousand condo units. As of now, he is the owner of several properties in across 20 states throughout the USA.

He is a partaker in several different branches of business, his potential to reach out and expand his knowledge as well as secure investment is quite admirable. He is a partner in a distressed assets-acquisition firm, a financial banker for a food truck franchise as well as a partner in a web-based advertising organization. He currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA.

Born in October 1953, in Los Angeles, California, Richard has created and sustained substantial growth and expansion of his business throughout his lifespan. He is dedicated towards his goals and has also become the founder of his philanthropic enterprise, the Maize Foundation. It has helped several students across the country since its establishment in 2003. It also has covered areas that work under ecological as wellbeing drives.

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